KNARLY Race Team

2021 is well and truly here.
This year Knarly has put a small team together to race in multiple disciplines.
Downhill, Enduro & Cross Country.

Knarly has pulled together a great little team with riders from 14 - 45 yrs old. 
While some of these disciplines put us out of our comfort zones we are having a great time bonding at different races and seeing each others strengths. Check out Instagram to see the riders in the team.
Look for Tom, Ben, Brett, Rick and Anthony in posts.

The Knarly race team have their own Custom jerseys for racing and the team rides in Knarly gear when out and about.

Knarly has also become a Sponsor for Inside Line MTB Club and will soon be releasing Custom Jerseys made for Inside Line and will be able to purchase online and at the races.

If you are in South Australia and head out to a MTB race you will see us and happy to talk and share our love for MTB's with you.